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Fr. Charles Irvin, Diocese of Lansing at 402-A E. Madison Street, DeWitt, MI 48820 US - Home

    You have arrived at my cyberspace home. Enter and browse, won’t you? Here you will find ideas that I have expressed in articles, essays and homilies, as well as in my newly published book, ENTERING THE HEART OF GOD:Praying the Lord's Prayer In Our Times.
     Forty-six years of being a priest have shaped me. I have been formed by the hands of people among whom God has sent me to love and serve. Within them God dwells; through them He reaches me. I am what I am because of so very many good souls. All of which means that the thoughts shared here are certainly not mine alone. They come from souls sharing a Faith, a Faith inspired by the One whom God has sent us. “We are not on earth as museum-keepers, but to cultivate a flourishing garden of life and to prepare for a glorious future.” (Pope John XXIII)
      Welcome to my house. I’m glad you stopped by. Do drop in again for other visits.

Yours in the Lord,
Fr. Charles Irvin

Sts. Peter & Paul
This is a very unusual Mass. Normally we would be celebrating a Sunday Mass derived from this year’s cycle of Gospel readings taken from St. Matthew’s Gospel. Today, however, the Church puts Ss. Peter & Paul before our eyes, more specifically the relationship between them. In our ordinary days, what can we say about them that affects how we are living out our lives? That’s the challenge I face in presenting today’s homily to you.

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17th Sun [A] 2014
The Kingdom of God, always somewhat mysterious for us, was always on the mind of Jesus. There are almost one-hundred and fifty references to God’s Kingdom in the New Testament, fifty-two of them in St. Matthew’s gospel alone. The more Jesus spoke about the Kingdom the more it seemed to His listeners to be an other-worldly place. Perhaps that’s because in a world gone insane, sane things seem to be unreal.

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Purchasing FaithCatholic DVDs
Did you ever wonder about what’s inside a Catholic church?   With the support of Faith Catholic I have made a DVD "What's Inside a Catholic Church?" that presents the meaning behind what you find inside our churches. Other DVDs are, "God's Magnificent Seven," insights into the Seven Sacraments of the Church, "Mission: Priest of God," insights into the Priesthood, and "Entering the Heart of God," meditations on The Lord's Prayer. All are available at:

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Why FAITH Magazine?
In 1999 Mr. Patrick O'Brien along with others and myself, at the request of Bishop Carl F. Mengeling, began a new initiative for the Diocese of Lansing, a magazine called FAITH. Our intention in publishing FAITH Magazine is to present our readers with the personality of Jesus Christ, present to us ...
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The Catholic Lawyers Guild
The Catholic Lawyers Guild of the Diocese of Lansing was organized in 1985. Fr. Charlie is an active member of the guild and works hard to promote the organization. This article provides background information about the guild and a link to the website...
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New Email Sign-In Page

January 2014: Google is replacing its various Google Apps sign-in pages with a single, new Google Apps sign-in page. Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and all other Google Apps services will now have an identical sign-in experience. When users attempt to sign in ...

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My Life as a Priest
What is life like as a priest? What do these men think and feel about their lives? FAITH talked to two long-time pastors and Bishop Mengeling about being priests - their biggest joys, sorrows, favorite moments and even meals.
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First Positive Conclusions Regarding The Holy See Report For The Convention Against Torture
The Committee for the Convention Against Torture (CAT) has released an advance unedited version of its Concluding Observations on the Initial Report of the Holy See. These Observations recognise that the Holy See has made many serious and substantial reforms on its procedures that further ...

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